Felonies are crimes that carry potential sentences ranging from one year and one day to life without parole, depending upon its classification within the Alabama Criminal Code. Michael has represented hundreds of clients that were charged with crimes including murder, rape, theft, and illegal possession of drugs. Many of these charges were dismissed, nolle prossed, or reduced to lesser charges.  Michael has been able to have many of his clients enter alternative programs, resulting in no criminal conviction record. Each case is unique - contact Michael with details for discussion of possible options.


Misdemeanors are charges that carry a potential sentence of up to one year in jail. Michael has represented thousands of clients facing a variety of charges ranging from criminal trespass, assault, to misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  Many of these charges were dismissed or the client was able to enter an alternative program, resulting in no conviction.




Personal Injury

Michael has extensive experience handling DUI cases.  DUI’s can have devastating effects on a person’s career, as well as their social and family life.  Michael has been able to enter many of his clients through proceedings or programs, avoiding a DUI conviction and the attached stigma.


Personal injuries can come from traffic accidents, other negligent acts, or even intentional acts. Personal injury can result in huge medical expenses as well as extreme pain and mental anguish. Michael has represented innumerable clients who were injured by the acts of others and successfully received financial and mental justice.